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Content Note: Two corpses of male prisoners laid on their backs with white stakes laid on top of them. Above their heads are two folded, white cloths. What appear to be the feet of prisoners already shrouded for burial are visible at the top of the…

Content Note: Two male civilians begin to wrap a corpse in a white sheet. Three rows of corpses (some shrouded) are visible. Each corpse has a stake laid on top of it. One row of corpses is clothed, but the row the men are working on are naked and…

Content Note: Male civilians use shovels and picks to dig graves. Liberators stand over them with rifles slung over their shoulders, observing their work. Numbered 74 on the reverse.

Content Note: Male civilians use picks and shovels to dig a row of graves. In the background, men watch and walk (liberators?) Stamp on reverse: "Passed by U. S. Army Examiner 30646". Numbered 94 on the reverse.

Content Note: Civilians use shovels and picks to dig a row of individual graves. Stamp on reverse: "Passed by U. S. Army Examiner 30646". Numbered 85 on the reverse.

Content Note: On the left hand side of the photo a row of open, individual graves is visible. The further graves have white stakes driven into the ground above them. In the center of the photo in the distance, townspeople are digging. Numbered 21…

Content Note: The corpses are stacked with either their heads or their feet toward the camera next to a building. They are emaciated, and some are clothed while others are not. Two of the liberators are wearing gloves. Numbered 78 on the reverse.

Content Note: A close up of the corpse of a male prisoner next to the bodies of two SS guards who were murdered by the prisoners. The prisoner's corpse is naked and emaciated. His arms have been folded over his abdomen. The guards are dressed in…

Content Note: Military vehicles in a large, muddy field. A man stands behind a trailer attached to a truck. The trailer appears to contain prisoner corpses. In the background, there is another truck. Numbered 58 on the reverse.

Content Note: Transcript of an audio recording. Duncan served with the 65th Infantry Division and witnessed the liberation of Ohrdruf. Location of interview: Atlanta, Georgia.
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