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Content Note: Stack of several Red Cross Parcels in wooden boxes addressed to prisoners.

Content Note: Six prisoners pose in the air raid ditch they were digging to prepare in case there was a battle when the liberating forces arrived.

Content Note: Prisoners waiting at camp in Moosburg for liberating armies to reach them. Three prisoners lie on the ground.

Content Note: Grave in which 50 British officers were buried after their failed attempt to escape. Minister stands over the grave with prisoners on either side of him.

Content Note: Barrack that collapsed because much of the wood had been removed to help build the escape tunnel and a lot of dirt from the tunnel had been hidden in the ceiling.

Content Note: Prisoner choir singing Handel's Messiah. (Crawford is standing under the arrow.)

Content Note: Two prisoners type, another sits at a desk doing paperwork. This room was available for the prisoners' senior officers to help the maintain military rule.

Content Note: Prison doctor examines a prisoner's hand in the infirmary in the camp.
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