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Content Note: Male civilians use picks and shovels to dig a row of graves. In the background, men watch and walk (liberators?) Stamp on reverse: "Passed by U. S. Army Examiner 30646". Numbered 94 on the reverse.

Content Note: Civilians use shovels and picks to dig a row of individual graves. Stamp on reverse: "Passed by U. S. Army Examiner 30646". Numbered 85 on the reverse.

Content Note: The charred corpses of prisoners lie in rows in an open field. Townspeople dig graves for them. Numbered 13 on the reverse.

Content Note: On the left hand side of the photo a row of open, individual graves is visible. The further graves have white stakes driven into the ground above them. In the center of the photo in the distance, townspeople are digging. Numbered 21…

Content Note: Caption from a separate page: "Third Army exposes horror of Buchenwald camp. Liberated inmates of Buchenwald, injured and emaciated, are pictured behind barbed wire fence enclosing the area. Many mature prisoners looked like youths…

Content Note: The survivor in the center has his hands resting on one of the corpses. The corpses of the male prisoners are emaciated and naked. They are stacked head to foot, and their arms are crossed over their chests. In the background, the…

Content Note: The emaciated, naked corpse of a prisoner lies on a narrow tray that can be slid into the crematorium oven. The corpse's hands are folded over its abdomen and its head is turned toward the camera. Two survivors stand behind the…

Content Note: The corpses are stacked with either their heads or their feet toward the camera next to a building. They are emaciated, and some are clothed while others are not. Two of the liberators are wearing gloves. Numbered 78 on the reverse.

Content Note: The banners hang from the top of the wall. It reads "The Spanish Anti-Fascists Salute the Liberating Forces" and was hung after the Second Armored Division of the Third Army liberated the camp. The main doors to the camp are closed. …

Content Note: A close up of the corpse of a male prisoner next to the bodies of two SS guards who were murdered by the prisoners. The prisoner's corpse is naked and emaciated. His arms have been folded over his abdomen. The guards are dressed in…
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