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Content Note: The liberators' helmets have "MP" on them. The corpses are emaciated and naked. Numbered 16 on the reverse.

Content Note: In the foreground, the naked corpses of female prisoners lie on the ground in rows. Cloth or clothing lies between and around the corpses. In the background, liberators and what appear to be German civilians stand looking at the…

Content Note: Portrait of a male survivor. He is facing the camera and looking down and to the left. He wears two pendants on a cord around his neck. Numbered 15 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from caption on the reverse. Karlin (L) stands next to four survivors in front of a one-story building. Three of the survivors are wearing prisoner uniforms. Two of the survivors have canes. Numbered 13 on the reverse.

Content Note: Emaciated male survivors stand and sit between bunks or lay on bunks. Numbered 19 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Two parallel barbed wire fences are visible along the righthand side of the photo. Groups of survivors stand in the yard behind the fence. A building and an observation tower are visible in the…

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Corpses of prisoners lie in a row in a deep trench. Numbered 18 on the reverse.

Content Note: The banners hang from the top of the wall. It reads "The Spanish Anti-Fascists Salute the Liberating Forces" and was hung after the Second Armored Division of the Third Army liberated the camp. The main doors to the camp are closed. …

Content Note: Transcript of a video recording. Ellifritz served with the 130th Evacuation Hospital as a nurse and witnessed the liberation of Mauthausen. Location of interview: Washington, DC (International Liberators' Conference).
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