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Content Note: Two men stand over the emaciated, naked corpse of a prisoner. The corpse is lying on the floor of what appears to be a room with blood-spattered walls. One of the men holds one of the corpse's arm up, and the other holds one of the…

Content Note: Two men stand inside some sort of metal frame with chains attached to the corners over what appears to be a decomposing corpse. To the right another man looks on. Numbered 12 on the reverse.

Content Note: One of the men is a survivor and wears a prisoner's uniform. The other man appears to be a survivor. Numbered 6 on the reverse.

Content Note: The liberators' helmets have "MP" on them. The corpses are emaciated and naked. Numbered 16 on the reverse.

Content Note: The sign is on a tall pole in front of a building. Numbered 6 on the reverse.

Content Note: Two corpses of male prisoners laid on their backs with white stakes laid on top of them. Above their heads are two folded, white cloths. What appear to be the feet of prisoners already shrouded for burial are visible at the top of the…

Content Note: The men lift the corpse by the neck and ankles and place it on top of others on the cart. The cart appears to be in front of a crematorium [?]. See also photo 060801PHEB00WESTBE018. Three survivors look on from the doorway. Numbered…

Content Note: One little boy has his hands on the other boy's shoulder. They are standing in front of a doorway. Above the door is a sign reading "E[??] verboten". Two male survivors look on from either side of the doorway. See also photo …

Content Note: Two male civilians begin to wrap a corpse in a white sheet. Three rows of corpses (some shrouded) are visible. Each corpse has a stake laid on top of it. One row of corpses is clothed, but the row the men are working on are naked and…

Content Note: Male civilians use shovels and picks to dig graves. Liberators stand over them with rifles slung over their shoulders, observing their work. Numbered 74 on the reverse.
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