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Content Note: Male survivor wrapped in a blanket standing outside. In the background, a road and a house are visible. Numbered 40 on the reverse.

Content Note: Nine male survivors wearing only a cloth around their hips lean against a wooden fence. Numbered 38 on the reverse.

Content Note: The road is next to a barbed wire fence. A raised platform is visible in the background. Liberators carry empty stretchers. Survivors and other liberators walk in the opposite direction. Numbered 11 on the reverse.

Content Note: The corpses of the male prisoners are emaciated and naked. Liberators and survivors stand behind it. Numbered 20 on the reverse.

Content Note: Transcript of an audio recording. Weston served with the 30th Field Hospital, 20th Corps, 3rd Army, and witnessed the liberation of Ebensee. Location of interview: Atlanta, Georgia.

Content Note: The survivor has his hands resting on one of the corpses. Another survivor stands to the right looking at him. The corpses of the male prisoners are emaciated and naked. They are stacked head to foot, and their arms are crossed over…

Content Note: The naked, male survivors stand together in a group outside. The three men in the front wear belts around their waists. Numbered 37 on the reverse.

Content Note: A little boy is standing with his right hand raised to the collar of his coat. See also photo 06080100PHEB00WESTBE006. Numbered 22 on the reverse.

Content Note: Caption is from text written below the image. Survivor on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance [?] by liberators. The survivor is holding what appears to be a folder of documents. A man in the foreground walks towards the…

Content Note: Caption from a label on the reverse side of the photograph. Civilians cover the naked, emaciated corpses of prisoners on a horse drawn cart with a tarp. The building behind them appears to be the crematorium. Numbered 21 on the…
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