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Content Note: The corpse of a male prisoner who had died prior to the evacuation (and had been placed in a hut with other corpses and covered with lime) lies face down near the corpses of prisoners executed when Ohrdruf was evacuated. Liberators…

Content Note: A scaffold near the barracks. Three liberators stand behind it, looking at it. Numbered 76 on the reverse.

Content Note: Male and female civilians remove emaciated corpses of prisoners from trucks. Liberators supervise their work. Numbered 15 on the reverse.

Content Note: Clothed corpses of executed prisoners lie in the foreground. Liberators walk and stand behind them. On the lefthand side, a small group of liberators talk to some survivors, one of whom gestures to the right. A barrack is visible in…

Content Note: The corpses are stacked with either their heads or their feet toward the camera next to a building. They are emaciated, and some are clothed while others are not. Two of the liberators are wearing gloves. Numbered 78 on the reverse.

Content Note: Male civilians use shovels and picks to dig graves. Liberators stand over them with rifles slung over their shoulders, observing their work. Numbered 74 on the reverse.
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