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Content Note: The corpses of the male prisoners lie head-to-head on the ground. One has his arms spread to the sides, and his rib cage stands out sharply. Boot prints and hoof prints are visible in the mud. Numbered 19 on the reverse.

Content Note: Male civilians move emaciated, clothed corpses of prisoners from what appears to be a pile of corpses. Armed liberators oversee their work. Female civilians stand behind the corpses, watching. Barracks are visible behind some trees…

Content Note: Image shows one side of a deep pit filled with naked, emaciated corpses of prisoners. One corpse lying on the wall of the pit is clothed. Numbered 17 on the reverse.

Content Note: Male and female civilians remove emaciated corpses of prisoners from trucks. Liberators supervise their work. Numbered 15 on the reverse.

Content Note: Corpses of lying scattered on the ground. Most are unclothed, all are emaciated. Numbered 8 on the reverse.

Content Note: Corpses are laid in a deep trench. Some are clothed, all are emaciated. A group of 4 townspeople lower another corpse into place. Liberators stand along the side of the trench. Numbered 5 on the reverse.

Content Note: General Eisenhower, General Bradley, and other American troops inspect charred human remains in a pile including railroad tracks. Another pile is visible in the background. In the distance, several military vehicles are visible. …

Content Note: The head and shoulders of an emaciated male survivor who appears to be lying on a wooden bunk. Numbered 3 on the reverse.
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