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Content Note: The emaciated, naked, male survivors stand in line on the rocky ground. Liberators stand on the left and right hand sides of the image. Numbered 48 on the reverse.

Content Note: An emaciated, naked, male survivor walks between two sections of a wooden fence. In the background, the crematorium, tents belonging to the 30th field hospital, and liberators and survivors are visible. Numbered 49 on the reverse.

Content Note: Some of the survivors are clothed, and others are naked. One appears to be eating from a bowl. Numbered 51 on the reverse.

Content Note: Photo is out of focus. There is a chute sloping down from the oven. Numbered 52 on the reverse.

Content Note: Transcript of an audio recording. Cohn served with the 3rd Army, 3rd Calvary, 20th Corps, and witnessed the liberation of Ebensee. Location of interview: Columbus, Georgia.

Content Note: The survivors are standing and walking around in front of the barrack. The are clothed. Numbered 13 on the reverse.

Content Note: Two clothed, male survivors stand in front of the barbed wire fence. A liberator leans agains a jeep in the background. Numbered 12 on the reverse.

Content Note: Ten survivors stand together in a row. Some are naked, most are emaciated. The barbed wire fence is behind them. Numbered 15 on the reverse.

Content Note: The liberator stands to the side of the oven, facing it. The oven doors are open and a chute slopes down to the floor. Numbered 14 on the reverse.
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