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Content Note: Generals Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley and XX Corps Commander Walker stand in a circle with other Army officers in front of Barrack 3. Other Army troops stand behind them. Numbered 65 on the reverse.

Content Note: Writing on reverse: "Bradley behine [sic] Ike. Patton following." Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton walk with American troops past a barrack. Numbered 63 on the reverse.

Content Note: Writing on reverse: "This is when he told us to kill all the SOB [sic], not to capture a one of the bastards." Another jeep is parked in front of the one Patton is standing in. A barrack is visible in the background. Numbered 113 on…

Content Note: Writing on reverse: "Walker. Man in T. coat & dress cap--Life reporter." Numbered 12 on the reverse. [Walker was the XX Corps Commander.]

Content Note: Close-up of General Eisenhower in a jeep during his visit to Ohrdruf. A barrack is visible in the background. Numbered 104 on the reverse.

Content Note: Transcript of an audio recording. Mercer served with the 'B' Company, 69th Signal Battalion, 20th Corps of the 3rd Army and witnessed the liberation of Buchenwald. Location of interview: Warner Robins, Georgia.

Content Note: Corpses loaded in the truck with blankets covering them. One corpse remains on the ground. Numbered 106 on the reverse.

Content Note: Three corpses of prisoners executed at Ohrdruf. Numbered 70 on the reverse.

Content Note: Two Army jeeps in front of a large group of American troops during Eisenhower's visit to Ohrdruf. A soldier on the lefthand side (identified on the reverse as Tom Knopp) poses for the camera. Numbered 114 on the reverse.
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