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Content Note: Close-up of General Eisenhower in a jeep during his visit to Ohrdruf. A barrack is visible in the background. Numbered 104 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Fred Mercer poses between two Army jeeps. A large group of American troops are gathered behind the jeeps. Numbered 116 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Charred remains of three prisoners burned on a section of railroad track. Numbered 115 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Corpses of executed prisoners lie on the ground near the barracks. Liberators walk between the corpses and a barrack. Numbered 105 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Additional writing on reverse: "If you look at Life Magazine 7 Mar '45 you can see more. Double wire fence." View from outside the perimeter fence toward a barrack. A guard tower is visible to the left.…

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Generals Eisenhower and Bradley stand with other American troops in front of a building listening to someone (outside the photo) speak. A man on the right aims a movie camera in the direction of the…

Content Note: Two Army jeeps in front of a large group of American troops during Eisenhower's visit to Ohrdruf. A soldier on the lefthand side (identified on the reverse as Tom Knopp) poses for the camera. Numbered 114 on the reverse.

Content Note: Three corpses of prisoners executed at Ohrdruf. Numbered 70 on the reverse.

Content Note: Generals Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley and XX Corps Commander Walker stand in a circle with other Army officers in front of Barrack 3. Other Army troops stand behind them. Numbered 65 on the reverse.
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