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Content Note: Transcript of an audio recording. Mercer served with the 'B' Company, 69th Signal Battalion, 20th Corps of the 3rd Army and witnessed the liberation of Buchenwald. Location of interview: Warner Robins, Georgia.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. General Eisenhower (2nd from right) and General Patton (3rd from right) talk with other liberators. A reporter for Life magazine is taking notes. Numbered 41 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. General Eisenhower and General Patton during their visit to Ohrdruf. Eisenhower is facing away from the camera. Patton is turned toward it. Other troops stand around them. Writing on reverse: "Walton…

Content Note: Writing on reverse: "Walker. Man in T. coat & dress cap--Life reporter." Numbered 12 on the reverse. [Walker was the XX Corps Commander.]

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. General Bradley and a large group of American troops view the corpses of executed prisoners. Numbered 13 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from writing on reverse. Additional writing on reverse: "Look in Time Magazine of 14 May/45 & you will see Gen. Eisenhower talking to the man under the arrow. I took these pictures--send them home to mother after you have seen…

Content Note: Writing on reverse: "Bradley behine [sic] Ike. Patton following." Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton walk with American troops past a barrack. Numbered 63 on the reverse.

Content Note: Generals Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley and XX Corps Commander Walker stand in a circle with other Army officers in front of Barrack 3. Other Army troops stand behind them. Numbered 65 on the reverse.

Content Note: Three corpses of prisoners executed at Ohrdruf. Numbered 70 on the reverse.
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