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  • Tags: Ebensee (Concentration camp)

Content Note: Two male survivors wearing only shirts stand next to each other. A survivor wrapped in a blanket is lying on the stack of hay [?] behind them. A barrack is visible in the background. Numbered 33 on the reverse.

Content Note: Two clothed, male survivors stand in front of the barbed wire fence. A liberator leans agains a jeep in the background. Numbered 12 on the reverse.

Content Note: The male survivors stand near a wooden fence. One has his and on a large wooden pole. A few liberators and the crematorium are visible in the background. Numbered 47 on the reverse.

Content Note: The men lift the corpse by the neck and ankles and place it on top of others on the cart. The cart appears to be in front of a crematorium [?]. See also photo 060801PHEB00WESTBE018. Three survivors look on from the doorway. Numbered…

Content Note: One little boy has his hands on the other boy's shoulder. They are standing in front of a doorway. Above the door is a sign reading "E[??] verboten". Two male survivors look on from either side of the doorway. See also photo …

Content Note: The survivor in the center has his hands resting on one of the corpses. The corpses of the male prisoners are emaciated and naked. They are stacked head to foot, and their arms are crossed over their chests. In the background, the…

Content Note: Emaciated, naked, male survivors sit on benches and on the ground and lie on stretchers. Numbered 45 on the reverse.

Content Note: Emaciated, naked, male survivors lie on stretchers and sit on the ground next to a hospital tent. A survivor wrapped in a blanket walks in the background. Numbered 43 on the reverse.

Content Note: The emaciated, naked, male survivors stand in line on the rocky ground. Liberators stand on the left and right hand sides of the image. Numbered 48 on the reverse.

Content Note: Emaciated, naked, male survivors lie on blankets and sit on boards next to a hospital tent. Numbered 42 on the reverse.
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