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  • Tags: Ebensee (Concentration camp)

Content Note: Caption is from text written below the image. Survivors boarding what a appears to be a box car. A liberator helps to direct them. Numbered 7 on the reverse.

Content Note: Caption is from text written below the image. Survivor on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance [?] by two liberators. The survivor is holding what appears to be a folder of documents. Numbered 24 on the reverse.

Content Note: Caption from a label on the reverse side of the photograph. The cart is next to the crematorium [?]. See also photo 060801PHEB00WESTBE018. One of the men stands on the cart and another stands next to it. Both hold cloth in their…

Content Note: The survivor covers his face with his hands. The stretcher is on a rock-strewn ground. There is another survivor on a stretcher behind him. Three survivors walk in the background (only their legs are visible). Numbered 41 on the…

Content Note: Emaciated, naked, male survivors lie on blankets and sit on boards next to a hospital tent. Numbered 42 on the reverse.

Content Note: Emaciated, naked, male survivors lie on stretchers and sit on the ground next to a hospital tent. A survivor wrapped in a blanket walks in the background. Numbered 43 on the reverse.

Content Note: He appears to be near a tent belonging to the 30th Field Hospital. Numbered 44 on the reverse.

Content Note: Emaciated, naked, male survivors sit on benches and on the ground and lie on stretchers. Numbered 45 on the reverse.

Content Note: In the foreground, two liberators and a survivor help another survivor rise from a stretcher in front of the entrance to a tent. The survivor on the stretcher is wearing only a striped shirt and holds his hand to his head. A liberator…

Content Note: The male survivors stand near a wooden fence. One has his and on a large wooden pole. A few liberators and the crematorium are visible in the background. Numbered 47 on the reverse.
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