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Content Note: Scaffold with hooks on the cross bar. There is a stool under one of the hooks. In the background, against a high wall, is a pile of human remains. Numbered 14 on the reverse.

Content Note: In the foreground, men wearing military uniforms stand in two rows with their backs to the camera. In front of them men in uniform interact. In the background, a truck, a barrack, and some people standing and sitting in a field are…

Content Note: Two men stand inside some sort of metal frame with chains attached to the corners over what appears to be a decomposing corpse. To the right another man looks on. Numbered 12 on the reverse.

Content Note: Female guards in uniform walk along the lefthand side bringing naked corpses to the long, rectangular mass grave in the center of the photo. In the foreground, guards in pairs lift corpses by the arms and legs. Many corpses are…

Content Note: Female camp guards in uniform stand together. They are looking around and appear to be waiting for something. Numbered 10 on the reverse.

Content Note: Survivor sits with a blanket over his or her legs, wearing a sweater and a head scarf. Other survivors are lying and sitting in the background. Numbered 9 on the reverse.

Content Note: Close-up of a woman with bandages on her forehead and nose. She is smiling and wearing a hat and overcoat. In the background, another woman is walking towards the camera and a building is visible. Numbered 8 on the reverse.

Content Note: Decomposing corpses. Some are clothed, some are naked. Some appear to be women. Numbered 7 on the reverse.

Content Note: Nine male survivors sitting on the ground together. A man on the lefthand side appears to be looking for lice in another man's hair. Numbered 6 on the reverse.

Content Note: Naked corpses that appear to be decomposing lying piles in a bare field in the foreground. In the background, there appears to be a wire fence. Numbered 5 on the reverse.
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