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Content Note: Female guards in uniform walk along the lefthand side bringing naked corpses to the long, rectangular mass grave in the center of the photo. In the foreground, guards in pairs lift corpses by the arms and legs. Many corpses are…

Content Note: Female camp guards in uniform stand together. They are looking around and appear to be waiting for something. Numbered 10 on the reverse.

Content Note: Heavily damaged plane resting on the ground. Numbered 63 on the reverse.

Content Note: Four planes resting in a field. The plane in the foreground appears to be heavily damaged. Numbered 62 on the reverse.

Content Note: A view of bodies stacked several deep from the end of the pile. Some are clothed, others are unclothed. Numbered 21 on the reverse.

Content Note: The bodies are stacked four deep in a pile that is wider than the photograph. Most of the bodies appear to be clothed and most heads are toward the camera. In the center, several bodies hang down over the rest, feet first. Numbered…

Content Note: Supplies are piled in the foreground to the left. A jeep and ambulance are parked in the foreground to the right.

Content Note: Soldiers crowd around near the windows of a building. Numbered 18 on the reverse.

Content Note: Exterior of a series of barracks. People are walking by and sitting in front of them. One of them has a bicycle. In the foreground is a tall, wire fence surrounding a rectangle of bare earth. A small group of people appear to be…

Content Note: A pile of human remains in front of a wooden fence. A man enters from the right walking. Numbered 16 on the reverse.
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