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Content Note: Portrait of Arthur Goldberg seated, holding a letter. A photograph of his sweetheart is visible in the background.

Content Note: Caption from writing on reverse of photograph. Additional caption text: "Nuremberg, Germany, April 27, 1945. Built By A Company 1270th Engr Combat Battalion and 678 Engineer LE Company. Be Gay Now, You GI Slave, Your CBI Bound, Use…

Content Note: Soldiers used Allied and German weapons to learn to distinguish the weapons used by the enemy. Three soldiers stand on top of the hill overlooking the bunker.

Content Note: Text: "A living deadman. He won't recover! A day later and some 20,000 men would have been liquidated had it not been for Patton's dough [boys]. Not for Publication." The photo was stamped "passed" by the Army Examiner. Numbered 24…

Content Note: Text: " 'If you starve them, when they die you have less to burn, and the more you burn them more healthy your workmen by replacement.' This is just another pile of dead people, America! The Nazis have many more at this place--this is…

Content Note: Text: "Nazis show their value for Human Life at Weimar, Germany. At Camp Buchenwald this is a nights claim for one barrack or block. Not for publication." The photo was stamped "passed" by the Army Examiner. Numbered 22 on the…

Content Note: Text: "No, the Nazis wasn't quite insane for instance some men where [sic] allowed to live because they were continually being injected with typhus to make an immunity plasma for Berlin of course too much of a donation often caused…

Content Note: Text: "The Civilian is a Jew--Polished apples for 6 yrs at Weimar Concentration Camp--Who knows what price he's paid for his life, or what deeds he's done. 'We need a place to burn, our prisoners will build it and run it; we will…

Content Note: An International computer used to make appropriate genetic matches between young German couples. It was housed in a Catholic school in attempt to protect it from bombing. Two soldiers are visible in the background. See also…

Content Note: Wile in front of Techwood Homes dressed in his army uniform. He is holding a rifle and lunging forward. Taken during Army Specialized Training Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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