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Content Note: Title from caption on the reverse. The corpse of a German guard lying on the ground. His feet are crossed and his hands are folded over his chest. His rifle lies above his head. Numbered 38 on the reverse.

Content Note: Two liberators stand between two coal cars, looking down into an open coal car filled with corpses of prisoners. The liberator on the right appears to be explaining something. The corpses are wearing prisoner uniforms. On the…

Content Note: Title from caption on the reverse. Two emaciated corpses of prisoners lie on the straw near the wall of the box car. Both corpses are on their backs. The head of one faces the camera and the head of the other faces away. Both are…

Content Note: Title from the caption on the reverse. Corpse of a German guard underwater in the canal that ran along one side of the Dachau concentration camp. Numbered 39 on the reverse.

Content Note: Title from caption on the reverse. Close up of a pile of corpses of prisoners. Many of the corpses are naked. Numbered 14 on the reverse.
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