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Content Note: Corpses of prisoners lie scattered on a floor. In the foreground an upturned bucket (?) is visible. Doorway is visible on the righthand side. Different view of photo 10. Numbered 3 on the front border. Numbered 11 on the reverse.

Content Note: Photo is out-of-focus. Corpses of prisoners lie scattered on a floor. In the foreground an upturned bucket (?) is visible. Different view of photo 11. Numbered 10 on the reverse.

Content Note: Line of boxcars stopped on the tracks with doors slid open. Soldiers walk along with rifles slung over their shoulders, looking in the boxcars. Numbered 9 on the reverse.

Content Note: Corpses have been laid in a pile. Most are naked. Numbered 4 on the front border. Numbered 8 on the reverse.

Content Note: Soldiers standing and walking in front of a crematorium [?]. Two cars are parked in front of the building Numbered 7 on the reverse.

Content Note: View of Dachau from across a canal. Outside the fence a soldiers walk along a road. Inside the fence people are visible standing in groups. Numbered 1 on the front border. Numbered 6 on the reverse.

Content Note: Three corpses lying at the foot of a solid wall. They are clothed. Soldiers are visible walking in the background. Numbered 5 on the reverse.

Content Note: Side door of the railroad car is open, revealing corpses. They appear to be clothed. Numbered 4 on the reverse.

Content Note: View through double doors of a building. Corpses have been piled inside. The ones to the right appear to be covered with some sort of cloth or tarp. Numbered 3 on the reverse.

Content Note: Close-up of corpses of prisoners piled several deep, feet towards the camera. The corpses are naked. Numbered 2 on the reverse.
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