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Content Note: View of the construction of the abuttment for a fixed wooden bridge from the top of the temporary double Bailey bridge it will replace. See 06080100PHBU00WILEDE024 for another view of the same site.

Content Note: Wile took this photo during his transport from Frankfurt, Germany, to Paris, France. He had had surgery in Frankfurt and was being transported to Paris for recuperation.

Content Note: Label on the reverse side of the photograph reads "500 burned alive". Corpses of other prisoners are visible through the doorway. Numbered 6 on the reverse.

Content Note: Caption from a separate page: "Two exhausted prisoners are stretched out on the bare ground behind the barbed wire fencing. They are too weak to realize their newly-found freedom." Both survivors wear prison uniforms. Only one is…

Content Note: Two male survivors in prisoner uniforms stand in front of an Army truck [?]. Numbered 13 on the reverse.

Content Note: Two male survivors wearing only shirts stand next to each other. A survivor wrapped in a blanket is lying on the stack of hay [?] behind them. A barrack is visible in the background. Numbered 33 on the reverse.

Content Note: The survivors stand, each holding one handle of the tongs. The emaciated, naked corpse of the prisoner lies between them on its back with its hands folded over its abdomen. The tongs are around the corpse's head. Numbered 57 on the…

Content Note: The corpse of the prisoner has been slid approximately half way into the crematorium oven. The survivors stand on either side of the oven doors. One of them holds a pole ending in a hook. The other appears to be pushing the body with…

Content Note: Two clothed, male survivors stand in front of the barbed wire fence. A liberator leans agains a jeep in the background. Numbered 12 on the reverse.

Content Note: The male survivors stand near a wooden fence. One has his and on a large wooden pole. A few liberators and the crematorium are visible in the background. Numbered 47 on the reverse.
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