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Content Note: Wile sits between Madame Buchy and her daughter on a sofa. The family's maid stands to their left.

Content Note: Taken from the deck of the Williams Victory. Soldiers stand on the deck facing away from the camera. Another ship is visible in the background.

Content Note: Wile took this photo during his transport from Frankfurt, Germany, to Paris, France. He had had surgery in Frankfurt and was being transported to Paris for recuperation.

Content Note: Portrait of Arthur Goldberg seated, holding a letter. A photograph of his sweetheart is visible in the background.

Content Note: Soldiers stand outside holding their mess kits.

Content Note: Caption from writing on reverse. Additional caption text: "This I took with big camera, and then blocked out most of neg to just get Lt. on this size paper." Averil is seated at a desk. Averil chose Wile to replace the 1270th's…

Content Note: Soldiers loading their gear into trucks and waiting along a street near Techwood Homes. Civilians look on from the sidewalk. Taken after the Army cancelled the Army Specialized Training program at the Georgia Institute of Technology,…

Content Note: Soldiers gather around packed duffle bags at Techwood Homes. Ginger ? looks on. Taken when the Army ended the Army Specialized Training at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Content Note: Soldiers lower a duffle from the second floor window of a Techwood Homes apartment. Ginger ? and two soldiers look on. Another soldier sits on the ground below the window writing. Taken when the Army ended the Army Specialized…

Content Note: Soldiers sit and stand under a tree near Techwood Homes. One of them holds up a pinup for the others to see. Taken during Army Specialized Training at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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