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Content Note: Caption from writing on reverse. Additional caption text: "Check my left hand, and ignore my haircut. This one I took myself just for you. Love, Dennee" Self portrait of Wile standing in a makeshift darkroom. On the righthand side,…

Content Note: Self portrait of Wile seated at a table with many of his photographic equipment and photo processing supplies. The bellows camera is his first camera, given to him by his mother.

Content Note: Self portrait of Wile seated at a desk. A portrait of his wife is visible in the background.

Content Note: Caption from writing on the reverse. Wile leans against the railing of the ship during the trip to Le Havre, France, after completing training in England.

Content Note: Five men and a woman stand around a piano at a Red Cross facility. Arthur Goldberg is plays the piano while the others watch. Taken during training in England.

Content Note: Caption taken from writing on reverse of photo. Additional caption text: "21 November 1944. " Five men in Army uniforms sit on a cot. Front row, left to right: Brandli, Curren, colonel's driver. Back row, left to right: Wile,…

Content Note: Writing on reverse of another copy of the photograph: "Welsh Corgis and Dennie. Which is which? How do you like my 'frosh' lid? Looks Northeastern style." Dennis Wile stands next to a bicycle holding a Corgi [dog]. Taken in England…

Content Note: U.S. Soldiers travelling from the United States to England aboard the liberty ship SS Sea Owl. Back row, left to right: Hobson, Anderson, and Wile. Front row, left to right: Punch, Kusiak, and Thumler.

Content Note: Soldiers loading their gear into trucks and waiting along a street near Techwood Homes in Atlanta, Georgia. Civilians look on from the sidewalk. Taken after the Army cancelled the Army Specialized Training program at the Georgia…

Content Note: Wile in front of Techwood Homes dressed in his army uniform. He is holding a rifle and lunging forward. Taken during Army Specialized Training Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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