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Content Note: Self portrait of Wile seated at a table with many of his photographic equipment and photo processing supplies. The bellows camera is his first camera, given to him by his mother.

Content Note: Caption from writing on reverse. Additional caption text: "Check my left hand, and ignore my haircut. This one I took myself just for you. Love, Dennee" Self portrait of Wile standing in a makeshift darkroom. On the righthand side,…

Content Note: Kusiak and Goldberg examine photo negatives in a makeshift film drying room in Frankfurt, Germany. Strips of film hang from a string along the wall to their left. Kusiak and Goldberg are identified in a scrapbook with another copy of…

Content Note: Jones and Wile squat behind camp stove in front of darkroom tent in the woods. They had just crossed the Rhine River. Wile is holding a rifle. A similar photograph in a scrapbook is labeled "Deer fry" and identifies the man on the…

Content Note: Soldiers build a fixed wooden bridge alongside the temporary Bailey bridge over a river. (The construction is in the foreground and the Bailey bridge is in the background. Taken from the level of the wooden bridge construction.) …

Content Note: View of the construction of the abuttment for a fixed wooden bridge from the top of the temporary double Bailey bridge it will replace. See 06080100PHBU00WILEDE024 for another view of the same site.

Content Note: Caption from writing on the reverse. Side view of a fixed wooden bridge being constructed under a temporary Bailey bridge.

Content Note: Caption from text on the reverse. Soldiers building a fixed wooden bridge under a temporary Bailey bridge at night.

Content Note: Caption from writing on reverse of photograph. Additional caption text: "Nuremberg, Germany, April 27, 1945. Built By A Company 1270th Engr Combat Battalion and 678 Engineer LE Company. Be Gay Now, You GI Slave, Your CBI Bound, Use…

Content Note: Soldiers used Allied and German weapons to learn to distinguish the weapons used by the enemy. Three soldiers stand on top of the hill overlooking the bunker.
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