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Content Note: A soldier named Derby inspects the computers and other equipment used to genetically match young German couples. The equipment was housed in a Catholic school in attempt to protect it from bombing. See also 06080100PHBU00WILEDE031.

Content Note: Survivors who had been injected with typhus to produce antibodies. They are lying on beds and covered with a blanket. Under each bed is a pair of slippers. See 06060100PHBU00WILEDE006 for the caption on the reverse of the original…

Content Note: Wile leans against the railing of a fixed wood bridge wearing a helmet and holding a camera. This photograph was probably taken by his captain.

Content Note: Kusiak and Goldberg examine photo negatives in a makeshift film drying room in Frankfurt, Germany. Strips of film hang from a string along the wall to their left. Kusiak and Goldberg are identified in a scrapbook with another copy of…

Content Note: Jones and Wile squat behind camp stove in front of darkroom tent in the woods. They had just crossed the Rhine River. Wile is holding a rifle. A similar photograph in a scrapbook is labeled "Deer fry" and identifies the man on the…

Content Note: Ginger stands next to ? on the sidewalk next to Techwood Homes. Wile took this photograph during Army Specialized Training at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ginger was part of the Civilian Air Defense Watch and played the…

Content Note: Soldiers build a fixed wooden bridge alongside the temporary Bailey bridge over a river. (The construction is in the foreground and the Bailey bridge is in the background. Taken from the level of the wooden bridge construction.) …

Content Note: Wile sits between Madame Buchy and her daughter on a sofa. The family's maid stands to their left.

Content Note: Writing on reverse of another copy of the photograph: "Welsh Corgis and Dennie. Which is which? How do you like my 'frosh' lid? Looks Northeastern style." Dennis Wile stands next to a bicycle holding a Corgi [dog]. Taken in England…

Content Note: Wile and the other man stand at the edge of what appears to be a football field.
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