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Content Note: Nine male survivors wearing only a cloth around their hips lean against a wooden fence. Numbered 38 on the reverse.

Content Note: Male survivor wrapped in a blanket standing outside. In the background, a road and a house are visible. Numbered 40 on the reverse.

Content Note: Close-up of a male survivor. The crematorium is in the background. Numbered 39 on the reverse.

Content Note: The road is next to a barbed wire fence. Some of the survivors are naked and emaciated. Some of the survivors and liberators are carrying stretchers. A raised platform is visible in the background. Numbered 4 on the reverse.

Content Note: The road is next to a barbed wire fence. There is a raised platform in the background (R). Some of the survivors are naked and emaciated. In the foreground, one survivor leans with his arm around the shoulders of another survivor as…

Content Note: The trailer has a cross in a white circle painted on it. The survivors' heads can be seen over the trailer's sides. A few of them wave at the camera. A liberator sits up on the side of the trailer. A large, covered truck is pulling…

Content Note: Male survivors stand and walk near a truck with a cross on a white circle painted on it. One man is naked and stands with his hand on the side of the truck. Numbered 9 on the reverse.

Content Note: The survivor in the center has his hands resting on one of the corpses. The corpses of the male prisoners are emaciated and naked. They are stacked head to foot, and their arms are crossed over their chests. In the background, the…

Content Note: One little boy has his hands on the other boy's shoulder. They are standing in front of a doorway. Above the door is a sign reading "E[??] verboten". Two male survivors look on from either side of the doorway. See also photo …

Content Note: The men lift the corpse by the neck and ankles and place it on top of others on the cart. The cart appears to be in front of a crematorium [?]. See also photo 060801PHEB00WESTBE018. Three survivors look on from the doorway. Numbered…
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