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Photographs by concentration camp liberators.

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Aerial view of Auschwitz
Content Note: Numbered 2 on the reverse.

Survivor of Bergen-Belsen
Content Note: The head and shoulders of an emaciated male survivor who appears to be lying on a wooden bunk. Numbered 3 on the reverse.

"Liberation cermonies"  [Flossenburg]
Content Note: Caption written on reverse of photograph. Several liberators stand on a podium. The Soviet, American and Australian [?] flags hang from the podium under a sign that says "THANKS to our LIBERATORS". Portraits of Franklin Delano…

Two liberators stand under a sign reading "We welcome our liberators" at Flossenburg
Content Note: The sign is on a tall pole in front of a building. Numbered 6 on the reverse.

"Pile of human ashes outside furnace room"  [Buchenwald]
Content Note: Title from caption on the reverse. Additional caption text: "Represents 8,000 bodies. Mr. Ayers is the soldier wit the camera." Liberators wearing Red Cross insignia stand together near a pile of human remains behind a scaffold. One…

Liberators stand near corpses of prisoners stacked next to a building under two wreaths [Buchenwald]
Content Note: The corpses are stacked three deep. Most are naked and emaciated. Numbered 108 On the reverse.

Liberators view a demonstration of torture at Buchenwald
Content Note: Liberators listen while a survivor explains how prisoners were beaten. A dummy dressed in a prisoner's uniform is used in the demonstration. Caption below the photograph reads "Buchenwald." Numbered 111 on the reverse.

"Alexander Breuer -- lib. of Buchenwald"
Content Note: Breuer is standing in front of a building. Donated at the 1981 Liberators Conference. Numbered 106 on the reverse.

"A section of the hospital cribs"  [Buchenwald]
Content Note: Title from caption on a separate page. Additional caption text: "The patients in the upper cribs were unable to go to the latrine, making sanitation in this section intolerable." A section of bunks four levels high is visible between…

"Interviewing former political prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp in German" [Buchenwald]
Content Note: Title from caption on a separate page. Congressional committee listens to a former political prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp. Persons visible left to right: Sen. Wherry, Rep Izac, Sen Barkley, Sen Brooks, Rep Richards, and Rep…
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